Hello, My name is Heather. I’m a 23 year old preschool teacher. I’m also an out lesbian. I battle depression and anxiety. Welcome to essentially hopefilled! This blog is a big part of my therapy. It teaches me to find my words, that often get super jumbled up in my brain.

Essentially Hopefilled is all about being real. It’s about knowing you are not alone. It’s about a sense of belonging. It’s about finding hope. Essentially Hopefilled is my life in nutshell. It’s about what I feel and experience on a daily basis. It is about what goes on inside my head. It’s about expressing in a way that allows others to grow along side me. It’s about becoming a better person. It’s about helping people while also helping myself. It’s about learning to express how I feel in words. It’s about not bottling it all up. It’s about being honest about how I feel and not hiding anymore.