Before bed last night I applied theieves and purification to my feet. I also put thieves and RC in the diffuser and rubbed breathe again down the back of my neck. I slept better than I have in a long time. I woke up feeling well rested. Yesterday at work I started to feel sick and felt worse as the day went on, but I figured if I slept well I could go to work and be fine. After a great night sleep I felt great this morning. My throat still had a bit of a tickle, but I was fine. I got ready for work and went. I actually wasn’t dreading the day like I have been. It was Monday morning and I was going to make the best of it! I was determined to have a great day. 

Within the first 2 hours, my throat was on fire, swallowing was becoming more difficult as my throats continued to swell. And each time I had to talk to a student it got worse. By the time my coteacher got to school 2 hours after I started, all I wanted was to go home. Thankfully my job can be flexible and let me go home after lunch break today. 

I truly thought today was going to be a great Monday, looking back at the last 5 and a half hours, it has been. It’s been hard to teach while feeling sick, but my students haven’t been horrible. We had a few rough moments, but it wasn’t bad. I’m trying my best to keep thinking positively. It’s hard, but I’ve realized the better I think the better my days are. I refuse to let little things bother me anymore. One little thing will not ruin a great day. I hope y’all can start to think more positively too. 

I’m by myself for the beginning of nap time today, which means I have to put all of my students to sleep. I have 16 napping today. I told myself they were not going to get to me. I told myself they were all going to nap today. Naptime technically only started 5 minutes ago even tho we laid down 35 minutes ago, and 14/16 are asleep. The other 2 are on their way. The power of positive thinking!